Carolyn's Story

"After suffering for five years from a painfully dry and sensitive right eye as a result of Bell’s palsy, I was referred to Dr. Guy Massry.  During my initial consultation, he quickly diagnosed the problem — a weak lower eyelid that prevented better closure of my eye.  Years ago, I had a weight surgically implanted in my upper eyelid, which helped a lot; but Dr. Massry said that the continuing problem was with the weak lower lid.

Two months ago, Dr. Massry performed a surgery, which shortened and tightened my lower lid.  Dr. Massry suggested that, at the same time, he could restore greater symmetry to my face by performing a brow lift and smoothing out a pouch of fat that had accumulated under my affected right eye.  

I couldn’t be happier with the results — both medically and cosmetically!  The procedure improved my eye closure significantly (by about 60%!). As a result, I can now walk out into bright sunlight without sunglasses and feel no pain, and enjoy greater general comfort in my eye. In addition, my two eyebrows look far more even, and the pouch under my affected eye has disappeared.  Yes, there was initial serious bruising around my eye, but that disappeared after about two weeks — and now I look and feel much more comfortable and attractive.  

Dr. Massry is not only a highly skilled oculoplastic surgeon but also a kind and compassionate person.   In addition, his office staff is caring and very efficient.  All in all, this surgery was a home run.  Thank you, Dr. Massry."


Massry’s Methods

Thank you, Carolyn! Your kind words are what reinforce what we as surgeons do and what keeps us going - trying to make the lives of our patients better.

Patients with poorly functioning eyelids from paralysis, such as Bell's palsy, can be very limited in life. They suffer from dry, painful eyes, which can't close, often tear, and are always red.  Light sensitivity is a major symptom and as an added grief the two eyes always look different. In a nutshell, both form and function are lost.

There are answers though to these very difficult situations and Carolyn's story shows the possibilities. Her daily ability to tolerate the problem has vastly improved and she looks great.

In her case, a specific reconstructions eyelid procedure which I call "MIOS" or Minimally Invasive Orbicularis Sparing lower eyelid surgery was performed. I first published on this in 2014 and have found it consistently provides tremendous help in the right patient with eyelid paralysis. I have taught this procedure to many surgeons in lectures, scientific meeting and through videos.  It has improved the lives of many.  It is a procedure that improves eyelid closure by lifting the lower lid higher in a manner that does not potentially further weakens the lower lid. I am so happy this option now exists for patients.

Carolyn also, as she stated, had surgery for eyelid symmetry and appearance improvement, including brow lifting and eye bag surgery. In her case, these were added not as a typical cosmetic surgery, but as procedures to enhance and restore the symmetry of the two eyes.

I welcome anyone who suffers like Carolyn and so many others have to see me if such problems are present.  It would be my privilege to help you.

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