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5FU Injections after Poor Outcome Eyelid Surgery

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Fluorouracil (5FU) is a medication called an antimetabolite.  It inhibits DNA synthesis (production) in our body’s cells leading to cell death.  For this reason it has been used to treat various forms of cancer (to kill cancer cells) when given systemically.  It also has been used topically on skin cancer to inhibit its growth and by injection to lessen or eliminate scar formation and potentially reduce inflammation. 

On and around the eyelids Dr. Guy Massry has used injections of 5FU to reduce lumps and bumps from gat grafting and to inhibit eyelids scars after surgery or trauma and after skin grafting surgery , , .

Appropriate use of 5FU requires experience with the medication and a complete understanding of its application.  Its side effects are minimal when given by injection and primarily include slight discomfort with injection, potential mild bruising and occasional temporary redness.  Dr. Massry has found 5FU to be an essential treatment option for scarring, complications of eyelid fat grafting and to reduce swelling after surgery.

If you have questions about, or an interest in treatment with 5FU please contact Dr. Massry at his office.  His contact information can be found on his web site .


Poor Results to Eyelid Surgery – Dr. Guy Massry Has Solutions

One of the worst nightmares of having blepharoplasty surgery (cosmetic eyelid surgery) is a poor outcome.  This can include a poor cosmetic result, abnormally shaped eyes, unequal eyes, “bug” eyes, inability to close ones eyes, pulled down (retracted) lower lids, red eyes, painful eyes, tearing eyes and reduce vision.  These issues occur because of a poor preoperative evaluation, an incorrect procedural (surgical) choice, an inexperienced or inadequately trained surgeon or just bad luck.  The best way to reduce the chances of these problems is to put yourself in the hands of the best surgeon.

Dr. Guy Massry, MD is a world renown oculoplastic (ophthalmic plastic surgeon) , practicing in Beverly Hills, California.  He has written a number of textbooks in the field, lectures both nationally and internationally and has taught many surgeons techniques which he has developed.  Dr. Massry has specific interest and experience in revisional (redo) eyelid surgery – see posts - , .

Revising poor outcome eyelid surgery is a challenging endeavor at best.  Please take care in selecting the correct surgeon for your needs.  If you desire an evaluation for a revision eyelid procedure feel free to contact Dr. Massry.  His contact information is available on his web site .

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Augmentation Blepharoplasty – Guy Massry, MD

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Cosmetic eyelid surgery can include ptosis repair (tightening eyelid elevating muscle), canthoplasty (lower lid suspension), eyelid fat grafting (transferring body fat to the eyelids), and aft repositioning (transposing excess eyelid fat to adjacent hollows and dark circles). All of these procedures, however, are adjuncts (icing on the cake) to true cosmetic eyelid surgery or “blepharoplasty.”

Blepharoplasty surgery is one of the commonest cosmetic facial procedures performed world-wide.  Simply stated it is surgery to reduce eyelid “bags” and improve aesthetic appearance.  Traditionally this involved excising as much skin, muscle and fat as possible the thin the eyelid – make it “more youthful.”  We now know that preserving all these tissue prevents the long term gaunt and skeletonized look and prevents the “operated on” the look.  This tissue preserving technique of surgery is referred to as “augmentation blepharoplasty” as opposed to the traditional “subtractive” approach to blepharoplasty.


Dr. Guy Massry, who practices oculoplastic surgery in Beverly Hills, California is a major proponent of tissue sparing blepharoplasty surgery.  Please refer to this articles of his to read more on this , .

If you have questions about, or an interest in the procedures Dr. Massry performs, he can be reached at his office.  His contact information can be found on his web site .

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