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Eyelid Fillers-What You Need to Know

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Fillers are materials injected to the face to treat fine lines, fill depressions (hollows) and improve the contour of the face.  Injecting filler around the eyes is a specialized treatment to help dark circles, or the depressions between the eyebrows and the upper lid and between the lower lid and the cheek (midface).

Eyelid filler treatment is more complex than similar injections to the face as the eyelid skin is thin.  As a result of this, the filler can at times be more easily seen through the skin (as a bluish hue – called the Tyndall effect) and can lead to irregularities (create “lumps and bumps”).

The way to avoid this is to have eyelid filler treatment only by an eyelid specialist (an oculoplastics surgeon).  Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills, California, has years of experience with eyelid filler treatment.  Dr. Massry only injects Hyaluronic acid based gel fillers around the eyes.  He prefers Restylane and Belotero as his fillers of choice; however, does not prefer Juvederm as he feels it leads to more swelling (hydrophilic reaction) and Tyndall effect that the other fillers mentioned.  Juvederm is another useful product but for other areas of the face.  In addition Dr. Massry, also uses a specialized device called a cannula to inject the filler.  This reduces bruising and potential complications, and quickens recovery.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding filler treatment to the eyelids you can contact Dr. Massry on his website or at his office (310) 657-4302.


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Dr. Guy Massry Named Section Editor for “Aesthetic Abstracts and Citations”

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Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills Blepharoplasty Specialist Named Section Editor for “Aesthetic Abstracts and Citations” for the Journal Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon, and editorial board member of the journal “Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” (the scientific journal of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) has been named section editor for the “Aesthetic Abstracts and Citations” section of the journal. This section reviews all relevant per reviewed publications related to aesthetic oculoplastic surgery from other cosmetic scientific journals.

“It is important for oculoplastic surgeons to stay current on all literature related to our field” emphasized Dr. Massry. “The best way to do this is to prepare regular concise reviews of what is current and published in the field. I am honored to be able to participate in this part of our journal.”

Dr. Massry is in private practice in Beverly Hills California. He is a regular invited speaker at scientific meetings throughout the country, a fellowship co-preceptor for a facial plastic surgery program sponsored by the American Association of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), and an editor of three textbooks in the field. Dr. Massry has dedicated himself to patient, care education and the advancement of aesthetic oculoplastic surgery.

Click here to read first two publications of the “Aesthetic Abstracts and Citations” section of the journal pgs. 16 & 21



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Do Your Eyebrows Need a Lift?

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Brow lifting is a cosmetic procedure which can be performed in a standalone fashion or in conjunction with eyelid surgery.  The goal of surgery is to elevate the ptotic (droopy) brow so that the eyelid is less full.  When a blepharoplasty is added the result is more substantial.  It is incumbent upon the aesthetic surgeon to assess whether a brow lift is all that is needed or if blepharoplasty should also be performed.  The surgeon best trained to make this decision is the oculoplastic surgeon – a specialist in surgery of the eyelids and surrounding areas.

Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgery, has spent years studying brow lifting surgery and identifying the best procedure to meet the needs of every patient. The most modern and commonly performed brow lift today is the endoscopic brow lift.  This is a powerful and less invasive procedure than traditional surgery and requires specific training in endoscopic techniques to master the technique.

Recently Dr. Massry developed a new brow lifting technique call the “External Browpexy.”  Please refer to these links for more information on this innovative technique .

If you have an interest in brow lifting surgery you can contact Dr. Massry through his website above or at this office at 310 657-4302.


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Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery – What is the Tear Trough?

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Today, lower blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid) surgery is more than removing skin/muscle and fat from the eyelids (remove eyelid bags).  In fact, this older form of surgery (what we refer to as subtractive lower blepharoplasty) often leads to a sullen, guant, aged and altered appearance.  Cosmetic eyelid specialists (oculoplastic surgeons) have come to learn that preserving, augmenting and redistributing what is considered excess eyelid tissue is a more effective means of cosmetic rejuvenation (so called “additive blepharoplasty”) of the eyelids than removing this tissue.

The basic goal is to reduce the prominence of eyelid bags while simultaneously filling depressions around the eyes (ie. dark circles and depressions).  These depressions are generally referred to as “periorbital or eyelid hollows.”  Rather than removing precious eyelid fat – we instead transpose the excess to the hollows to reduce the elevations (fat prominence) and fill the depressions (eyelid hollows).  This nicely smoothes all contour irregularities and re-creates the natural contours of youth.

As stated the eyelid hollows are generally referred to as “periorbital hollows.”  The most nasal depression (closest to the nose) has been called the tear trough (as tears can well-up there).  Its medical name is the “nasojugal fold.”  This area responds well to fill from above with native eyelid fat excess.  The procedure to do this is commonly referred to as fat repositioning lower blepharoplasty.

The goal of lower lid surgery is to improve appearance. Lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning allows this result.  For questions about this procedure contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty: Specialized Surgery

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Blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic facial procedures in the world.  Blepharoplasty (upper lids, lower lids or both) is a very specialized surgery which many cosmetic surgeons perform which unfortunately leads to many difficult complications to address.  Just view the common blepharoplasty surgery complication chat rooms or the various cosmetic surgery review sites in the Internet to see how big this problem has become.  This is not because surgeons are not good, but rather because eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty, ptosis repair, canthoplasty, etc.) are the most complex, detailed and unique facial surgical procedures performed.  They truly require a specialist to attain consistent, reliable and excellent outcomes.

Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills ophthalmic plastic surgeon is such a specialist.   Dr.  Massry is a world renown cosmetic eyelid surgeon, who is a sought after invited lecturer, accomplished author (numerous scientific textbooks and peer reviewed publications)and physician educator (trains doctors) who has specific expertise in the ongoing evolution blepharoplasty surgery.

The way to get the best results to blepharoplasty surgery is to see only an expert in the field.  Please do your homework.  Dr Massry can be reached for questions at your convenience through his website or by calling his office at 310 657-4302.


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Dr. Guy Massry, MD – Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Symposium

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In his first talk, Dr. Massry presented data on three new surgical techniques he has developed and published over the last 3 years. The title of the talk was “Modern Adjuncts to Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery.” The three procedures elaborated on (and their publication citing) are as follows:

1. Massry GG. The External Browpexy. Ophthal Plast Recontr Surg 2012;28:90–95
2. Massry GG. Nasal Fat Preservation in Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty. Opth Plat Reconstr Surg 2011;27: 352-55
3. Massry GG. Effacing the Orbitoglabellar Groove with Transposed Upper Eyelid Fat. ASOPRS Fall Scientific Symposium, Chicago, Ill. Nov 2012. In Press currently in Archives of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

In his second presentation, Dr. Massry discussed his view on aesthetic rejuvenation of the lower eyelid and its transition to the cheek – with fat. The talk was titled “Effacing the Lower Eyelid/Cheek Interface with Fat.”

Both presentations were well received and stimulated lengthy discussion.

Dr. Massry practices cosmetic eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills, California. He is very dedicated to clinical research and teaching, and is a sought after speaker at scientific meetings, publishes in his area of expertise often, and is a fellowship preceptor for training facial plastic surgeons. He has expertise in both primary (first time) and revisional (redo) brow lift surgery, blepharoplasty surgery, mid face lift surgery, facial and eyelid fat grafting and the use of Botox and fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, etc.). Dr. Massry can be reached at his office at (310) 657-4302 or visit us on the web.




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Eyelid Fat Transfer

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Educate Yourself Before Proceeding

The term fat transfer and fat grafting are synonymous; they both refer to taking fat from one area of the body (abdomen, thighs, etc.) and injecting it to the eyelids and hollows around the eyes.  Eyelid fat transfer can be a standalone procedure or can be performed with other facial or eyelid surgeries such as brow lift, blepharoplasty, canthoplasty, ptosis or cheek (mid face) lift surgery.

Eyelid fat grafting can be a very rewarding procedure as the fat will fill hollows and depressions around the eyes and provide a more youthful appearance.  However, the areas around the eyes are very non-forgiving, so if the procedure does not go perfectly well, complications can occur.  These problems involve contour irregularities (lumps and bumps) which can be very cosmetically distracting.  Often, while not a permanent fix, fillers are a better option for eyelid hollows.

Dr. Guy Massry, is a Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgeon.  That is a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive brow lifts, blepharoplasty, ptosis repair, canthoplasaty, canthopexy and mid face lifts.  He has specific expertise in eyelid fat transfer or fat grafting.  He sees and handles many complications from these procedures.  Dr. Massry really stresses  caution with these surgeries and to only have them by a true eyelid surgical expert.  Dr. Massry would be happy to give you a consultation for eyelid fat transfer.


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