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6 Tips To Finding The Best Anophthalmia Surgeon

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Anophthalmia is a condition where an individual does not have an eye. This can be congenital (from birth) or acquired (through trauma, etc). Not only does missing an eye cause daily activities to be more difficult and functional issues, but it also creates a lot of emotional stress due to an "abnormal" appearance.

What is the best anophthalmia treatment?

Anophthalmia before and afterIn the past, surgeons only focused on the functional components of correcting the eyelid and surrounding areas, as well as the ability to wear a prosthetic eye. But, without addressing the aesthetic components of the eyelid and facial appearance, anophthalmia patients were still dissatisfied with the results of the surgery. Realizing this dissatisfaction, Dr. Massry developed an aesthetic approach to anophthalmia surgery to give patients not only functional results but aesthetically pleasing results.

To achieve aesthetic driven results, Dr. Massry combines traditional functional anophthalmia surgery techniques with the same aesthetic principles he applies to his cosmetic eyelid surgery cases. Utilizing this approach provides Dr. Massry's patients with the best results possible.

For patients who lost an eye due to trauma, Dr. Massry’s number one goal is to make the patient look like themselves again. To do this, Dr. Massry will make the side that has lost an eye as symmetrical as possible to the unaffected eye and eyelid. Creating this symmetry takes a very skilled surgeon, as each patient is unique and will require a customized surgery, depending on the reason for the loss of their eye and their desired results. In most cases, to create a symmetrical appearance Dr. Massry will adjust the brow, upper eyelid, and/or lower eyelid positions.

As mentioned above, Dr. Massry performs very customized procedures, so during your anophthalmia surgery consultation with him, he will assess your eyelid and eye socket to determine the best course of treatment is for your particular needs. After his examination, he will discuss the realistic expectations for what can be achieved from surgery so that both he and the patient agree on the expected outcome of the surgery.

Because of this comprehensive and customized approach, Dr. Massry is truly the best anophthalmia and prosthetic eye surgeon.

How To Find The Best Anophthalmia Surgeon

Correcting the eyelid and socket problems associated with anophthalmia is extremely specialized work and requires an experienced specialist (oculoplastic surgeon). Below are more tips on how to find the best anophthalmia surgeon.

  1. Only have surgery by an oculoplastic surgeon
  2. Make sure the surgeon is very well educated on anophthalmia and treats patients with this condition regularly
  3. Make sure the surgeon has skills in this aesthetic approach to anophthalmia surgery
  4. The surgeon should perform both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery regularly
  5. Ask the surgeon to show you before and after photos of other patients who had this surgery
  6. The surgeon should spend adequate time making sure you understand this complicated procedure

Due to his expertise in the condition and novel approach to surgery, Dr. Guy Massry is one of the world's most sought-after aesthetic anophthalmia surgeons. As such, he was featured on the hit show Dr. 90210 to help patients suffering from anophthalmia. You can watch him below!

Giving a Teenage Boy his Eye Back (Part 1)

Giving a Teenage Boy his Eye Back (Part 2)

Before & After Aesthetic Anophthalmia Surgery

prosthetic eye, ocular prosthesis, aesehtic anophthalmia

Check out Dr. Massry's prosethtic eye before and after gallery.

Schedule Your Consultation With Dr. Massry!

If you or a loved one is suffering from anophthalmia, contact Dr. Massry today - 310.657.4302! His unparalleled experience in the treating the condition will give you or your loved one the best results possible.

Best Anophthalmia Surgeon- Massry
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Eyelid Retraction, Scleral Show, and Canthal Rounding After Lower Blepharoplasty: What To Do Next!!

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Lower eyelid retraction (lower lids pulled down) after blepharoplasty is known to occur in 6-20% of transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty procedures.  This does not mean this is a bad surgery, it does mean it is a risky surgery.  Lower lid retraction is typically associated with scleral show (white showing between lower lid and colored part of the eye) and canthal rounding (rounded outer corner of eye with loss of almond shape).  Dr. Guy Massry of Beverly Hills California is an eyelid surgery specialist (oculoplastic surgeon) with vast experience and expertise in the correction of this problem.  He recently published on novel information which shows what patient is at high risk of this problem.  Dr. Massry had lectured extensively of various ways to manage lower eyelid retraction depending of physical finding present. 

What To Do When You Have Lower Eyelid Retraction After Blepharoplasty

So what should a patient do if this happens to them? Below are the 8 most important things a patient needs to do if they are experiencing lower eyelid retraction as a result of blepharoplasty.

  1. Only see an eyelid surgical specialist (oculoplastic surgeon).
  2. Only see an oculoplastic surgeon with a proven record of success with revisional eyelid surgery.
  3. Check if the surgeon has published on correction of lower eyelid retraction.
  4. Check if the surgeon has lectured on lower eyelid retraction.
  5. Talk to patients the surgeon has operated on.
  6. Get a referral from a trusted doctor who knows about the problem.
  7. Do not make a decision based on advertising or paid ads.
  8. Make a sound decision as there a few chances to fix the problem.

Dr. Massry has made the correction of lower lid retraction a major part of his practice for almost 20 years.  Below is a typical result of such a correction (Before surgery left – After surgery right).  Note improvement in lower eyelid retraction (lid pull down), scleral show (white between lower lid and colored part of the eye.

Lower Eyelid Retraction After Blepharoplasty - Revision Surgery - Guy Massry - Beverly Hills

Contact Dr. Massry Today!

If you have lower eyelid retraction after blepharoplasty, contact Dr. Massry's office today to schedule a consultation. Patients from around the world come to Dr. Massry to correct this problem because he is one of the world's leading experts in the field. Trust your eyes to an expert, and call us today - 310.657.4302!

Read Dr Massry's article entitled Commentary on: Lower Eyelid Retraction Surgery Without Internal Spacer Graft 

Eyelid Retraction After Bleph - Massry

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Guest Blog – Makeup Tips for Women over 50

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Kimberly Bosso - Makeup artistWe are excited to share a great blog on makeup tips for women over 50  from celebrity makeup artist Kimberly Bosso!

As we age, our makeup look has to evolve with us. Our faces change in both subtle and drastic ways depending on lifestyle and genetics, and makeup should be designed around this, along with undertone, face, and eye shape.

CEO of Bosso Makeup Beverly Hills, Kimberley Bosso’s philosophy for mature skin is Less is More! Working with a roster of celebrities throughout the years Kimberley says there’s nothing worse than to see an aging woman still sticking with her makeup routine and color choices from when she was 20.

Ladies over 50 look best with neutral shades and earthy tones for the eye area. ie; eyeshadow, eyeliner pencil, and for the cheek and lips, some color is necessary to give notorious dull complexions due to lack of hydration and collagen some youthful “pop”.


But keep in mind, no matter how lovely your makeup application is, if you don’t have the skin down, it’s still going to look a mess. Make sure you first pamper skin with a hydrating moisturizer. A popular choice is the 24-hour miracle cream Embryolisse which can be found at This luxurious moisturizer is fantastic for all skin types and is a secret staple in all pro makeup artists kits. It plumps and hydrates the thin skin around the eyes which tends to be the place where aging first appears. It also has a built-in primer and can even remove makeup! A 3 in 1! How can you not love that?

Makeup over 50 - Kimberly Bosso

Foundation & Concealer

The foundation choice that Kimberly suggests is a cream or dewey liquid-based foundation. For extra hydration and luminosity, try adding 1 -2 drops of Argan oil into your foundation and the result will give the celebs walking the red carpet a run for their money! Try also using a cream oil based concealer so it absorbs into the skin easily instead of creating a caked on under eye look that all women who first sit in Kimberly’s chair complain about. Kimberly says to stay away from drying water-based concealers that will only sit in fine lines and age you more. The key to keeping on creamy based concealer to conceal darkness is to powder under the eye really well with a cashmere-like HD powder which is thin and won’t dry this area out. Stay away from thick talc powders that will only create lots of texture with an aged appearance.


Tips for makeup over 50 - Kimberly Bosso

Cream cheek color is natural and beautiful. A little goes a long way and will give an effect of a healthy glow from within the skin. A soft peach or pink are good choices.

Lashes & Brows

Lashes and brows are undoubtedly the most important part. The reason? Think of when we were 15... We had more lashes and eyebrow hair so you want to mimic this in a mature face. These are two top ways to make a woman look “together” most naturally. A nice pair of strip lashes will amaze and delight the most discriminating woman. Try a pair that are human hair and small like "747 small” from Bosso’s lash series. Brows become sparse and leave empty patches with age, so filling in with a good brow pencil and brow powder is a must! Kimberley has 4 shades in her brow line and the medium brunette is dual so it’s great for ladies with gray hair!


The lips are where you can be a little bolder and take some risks. Think of a gorgeous orange or red, or depending on the occasion, even a hot pink is nice if the rest of the face is done accordingly.


And lastly, don’t forget to add a super thin black liner to the top eye line and a gold gel liner to the water line to give the eyes a youthful and natural awake look.

Where to find Bosso Makeup?

All product suggestions listed here can be found at

Kimberley Bosso also has a makeup school in Beverly Hills and a 2nd location in Tampa Bay Florida and gives private and group lessons on makeup application for women of all ages. She also certifies aspiring artists in her intensive makeup course(s) that women travel from around the world to train under her expertise.

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How to Get Better Results to Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift Surgery: The Brow Fat Pad Suspension Suture

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outer brow lift and blepharoplastyTo enhance results of an upper eyelid blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) surgeons should focus not only on the upper eyelids, as has been traditionally done, but also on the eyebrows above.  Today we focus more on the brows than in the past because modern thought recognizes that the brows and eyelids act as one aesthetic unit. Thinking of the two areas in isolation is not only outdated but also detrimental to patients.  This does not always mean patients need a brow lift, but focusing on improving brow projection and transition (continuity) with the upper eyelids during upper blepharoplasty is critical.

Guy Massry, MD , a world-renowned blepharoplasty specialist (see CV), has performed benchmark research in this area, and with the invaluable help of his colleagues has published a scientific report on a procedure which he calls “The Brow Fat Pad Suspension Suture.”  This unique surgical adjustment to upper blepharoplasty (see video below) allows for a fuller brow, and smoother transition to the upper eyelid – both critical components of youthful and natural appearing brow/upper eyelid complexes.

Don’t trust your blepharoplasty surgery to any surgeon who is not a true specialist and who does not contribute to the continually evolving growth of this specialized surgical field.

Watch 3D Animation of Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Contact Dr. Massry Today!

If you are interested in learning more about cosmetic eyelid surgery with a brow fat pad suspension suture, please contact Dr. Massry's office today - 310.657.2203.

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Enhancing Blepharoplasty Outcomes

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Blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) is one of the most common cosmetic facial surgical procedures performed worldwide. However, it is also a procedure that can lead to complications which can alter a patient’s life and appearance.  These problems are best avoided when surgery is performed by an eyelid specialist (an oculoplastic surgeon).

eyelid_4Finding An Eyelid Expert

Guy Massry, MD, is located in Beverly Hills, California and has been performing (watch a complete upper and lower lid surgery video), teaching (see CV), and innovating blepharoplasty surgery for 20 years.  He is respected nationally and internationally in his field and has made countless patients happy with his novel, yet consistent and reliable approaches to surgery.  He has published numerous scientific papers and textbooks in the field with a focus on simplifying the understanding of surgery and enhancing results.  In one of his most recent peer-reviewed publications Dr. Massry has collected data from expert from throughout the United States to update Blepharoplasty surgeons on what the most current trends in the field are. The article is titled Current Trends in Upper and Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Among American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Members. This huge undertaking was time-consuming but provides a benchmark for all blepharoplasty surgeons to compare and contrast their styles and to keep up to date on this constantly evolving field.

When you want to have blepharoplasty surgery, only go to the best, and to a surgeon who leads the present and future direction of the field. To ensure your surgeon is an eyelid expert, here are a few things you can ask during your consultation:

  • Are you a board-certified ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive surgeon?
  • How many years have you been in practice?
  • How often do you perform blepharoplasty?
  • What do you do if there is a complication during my surgery?
  • Can you show me before & after pictures of patients similar to me?
  • How do you stay educated in the latest surgical techniques?
  • What is a realistic outcome for me based on my concerns and goals?

By asking questions like this, you will be able to get a better feeling for your surgeon's level of expertise and surgical philosophies.

3D Animation Of Upper Blepharoplasty Surgical Technique

3D Animation Of Lower Blepharoplasty Surgical Technique

Contact Dr. Massry Today!

If you are interested in learning more about cosmetic eyelid surgery with Dr. Guy Massry, please contact his office today - 310.657.4302.

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Revision Lower Eyelid Surgery: Fixing Retracted or Pulled Down Lower Eyelids

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Lower eyelid retraction, or pulled down lower lids with a change in the shape and appearance of the lower eyelids, is a dreaded complication of lower eyelid blepharoplasty.  It occurs for a variety of reasons and is difficult to correct.  Little research has been put into lower eyelid retraction after blepharoplasty (ie. revision lower eyelid surgery), which is one of the reasons correcting the problem has been so challenging.  Recently, Guy Massry, MD, of Beverly Hills, California, a respected expert and frequent lecturer on post blepharoplasty lower eyelid retraction performed a scientific study to evaluate the current state of this condition. The study abstract can be viewed here.

From this work, Dr. Massry made modern and novel suggestions on why it happens, which allow better treatment options with surgery or fillers. You can watch his novel approach to fillers here:

Eyelid Fillers Explained

Non-Surgical Treatment for Retracted Eyelid

Lower eyelid retraction after blepharoplasty is a very complicated problem that only a very experienced eyelid surgeon such as Dr. Massry should evaluate and treat.  Please be careful with this problem and seek only the advice of specialist with years of experience.

Contact Dr. Massry Today!

If you have been left with unsatisfactory results from a primary blepharoplasty, please call Dr. Massry today so he can help restore your eyelid appearance and function - 310.657.4302.

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Red Carpet Beauty Secrets Revealed

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February marks one of the most glamorous months of the year in Hollywood! From the Grammys to the Oscars and all the parties in between, celebrities hit the red carpet looking their absolute best. But how do they achieve that flawless beauty? Dr. Guy Massry, an oculoplastic surgeon to the stars in Beverly Hills, reveals some of the top red carpet beauty secrets!

“In the months leading up to awards season, actors, singers, producers, directors, agents, etc. all begin their red carpet preparation. On most of their prep-lists you will see excellent skin care routines, extra gym sessions, strict diets, non-surgical beauty treatments, and, for some, plastic surgery,” commented Dr. Massry.Red Carpet Beauty Secrets Revealed

What Are The Go-To Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments?

At his Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Massry helps his celebrity patients look their best with a conservative approach to injectables, including BOTOX and fillers.


The days of “bad BOTOX” are over as long as you go to an expert injector who knows precisely where to place the Botox so the results are natural and there is still movement around the brows and forehead. Botox is a great treatment to smooth out unwanted wrinkles and lines from the forehead, 11-lines, and crow’s feet. Additionally, Dr. Massry can strategically place the Botox to give his patients a “Botox Brow Lift.”

A conservative and natural approach to Botox is especially important for actors who need to be able to make distinct facial expressions to get their character’s emotions across. Dr. Massry knows and understands this need and therefore just uses Botox to subtly smooth and refresh his celebrity patients’ appearance for the red carpet.


Filler treatments are one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets when performed by a skilled injector! Today there are several filler products (such as Restylane, Juvederm, Restylane Silk, Belotero, etc) on the market that allow for very natural looking results. Some of the most common filler treatments include:

  • Under the eyes for dark circles, under eye bags or hollows
  • Fill sunken brows
  • Lift and revolumize sagging upper eyelids
  • Add volume to hollow temples
  • Restore and enhance volume to the cheeks
  • Increase the size of the lips
  • Replenish volume to nasolabial folds

As with his approach to Botox, when Dr. Massry treats his celebrity clients with filler, he takes a very natural and conservative approach. “My goal is to use fillers simply to restore lost volume to my patients’ faces. I can also use the filler to create subtle, yet powerful, facial contours. But ultimately we never want anyone to suspect any ‘work’ has been done,” said Dr. Massry.


For celebrities in their late 40s to late 60s, sagging upper eyelids and lower eyelid bags become a big concern and a dead giveaway for their age. As one of the best blepharoplasty surgeons, Dr. Massry offers his celebrity patients a very customized approach to eyelid rejuvenation. For eyelid rejuvenation surgery to provide the best outcome, Dr. Massry considers all aspects of the eyelids and adjacent areas. This includes assessing forehead and eyebrows to see if an eyebrow lift is needed, as well as looking at the cheeks or midface to see if fat repositioning, a midface lift, or fat grafting will be beneficial. Taking this more holistic approach ensures the patient’s results look natural and balanced.

Plastic Surgery Isn’t Just For Celebrities

Although we have discussed the top red carpet beauty secrets for celebrities, these treatments are available to everyone! If you want to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance, Dr. Massry can help you. Whether you are interested in Botox, fillers, blepharoplasty, or some combination of the three, you can rest assured that Dr. Massry will provide you with the same dedicated care and aesthetic expertise his celebrity patients receive.

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Massry, please call us at 310.657.4302.

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Getting Rid of Eyelid Bags, Dark Circles and Hollows With Fillers: What To Do And Not To Do

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As eyelid filling has become commonplace, so too have eyelid filling complications.  The problems and complications seen range from less severe issues such as increased bruising and swelling, to more concerning problems such as lumps, bumps, persistent swelling, skin color changes, inflammation, and infection.  The best way to avoid these complications is to have an eyelid filler expert do your filler treatment.  This means someone who knows the various filler products – not just their names but more importantly their biochemical composition (their so-called recipe) and their clinical behavior (what they do when injected into living tissue).  While this seems very obvious, it unfortunately is a major problem.  The filler product market is always changing and it takes effort and dedication to keep up with it.  It is critical to keep up with the literature and research in this area, or problems will develop.

Expert filling also requires a detailed knowledge of eyelid anatomy and aging changes, and equally detailed experience with injecting these products into these very delicate areas.  These three points: (1) knowing filler products, (2) being an eyelid expert, and (3) knowing how to inject the eyelids are the KEY to successful eyelid filling and avoiding complications.

Choose Dr. Massry For Your Eyelid Filler Treatment

Dr. Guy Massry is a board certified oculoplastic surgeon with years of experience in eyelid fillers.  He teaches principals in this area nationally and internationally, and is sent the most complicated filler problems for correction by his colleagues.  Eyelid filling is one of Dr. Massry’s prime practice interests and he has developed techniques to inject fillers which have yielded the best of results.

Eyelid filler - Dr Guy Massry

Below you can watch Dr. Massry’s unique filling techniques for both the upper and lower eyelids.

Hyaluronic Acid Gel Filling of the Brow and Upper Eyelid Video 

Hyaluronic Acid Gel Filling of the Lower Eyelid and Associated Hollows

Schedule Your Eyelid Filler Treatment With Dr. Massry

If you are interested in filler treatments to improve your eyelid appearance ( get rid of bags, circles and hollows) please contact Dr. Massry's office in Beverly Hills today - 310.657.4302

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MIOS – A Life Changing Procedure For Patients With Eyelid Paralysis

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As he is always striving to advance the field of oculoplastic surgery, Dr. Guy Massry in Beverly Hills has pioneered a surgery technique called the minimally invasive, orbicularis-sparing (MIOS) lower eyelid recession. Knowing that there was a lack of a minimally invasive surgical technique to address lower eyelid retraction (the lower lid is pulled down) in the presence of eyelid weakness (orbicularis deficit - eyelid paralysis), both in cosmetic and reconstructive cases, Dr. Massry and his colleagues set out to perfect a surgical technique to fill this absence.

The MIOS procedure involves a closed canthal suspension (lid tightening without cutting already weak muscle) with true transconjunctival lower eyelid retractor recession (lift lower lid from inside the eyelid - no skin cuts) to provide a means of lower eyelid elevation without lower eyelid muscle trauma. This procedure can be used safely and effectively in several types of cases including facial nerve injury (facial paralysis), trauma, surgical complication, etc.

MIOS for Eyelid Paralysis

The patient below suffered from eyelid paralysis and underwent MIOS surgery with Dr. Massry to help create eyelid symmetry and be able to close her eye. In the case of eyelid paralysis, MIOS offers patients a minimally invasive surgical option without the need for an eyelid weight implant.

In this patient’s pictures, you can see that prior to surgery (LEFT SET of pictures) her right eye does not close completely and is, therefore, red, dry and irritated. You can also see that her lower right eyelid is much lower than her left lower eyelid. Utilizing the MIOS procedure, Dr. Massry was able to help this patient more appropriately close her right eye, as well as create more symmetry between the two eyelids WITHOUT AN EYELID WEIGHT.

MIOS - Dr Guy Massry

Why Choose Dr. Massry For Your Eyelid Paralysis Surgery?

Dr. Massry is an international leading expert in orbital and eyelid surgery. As mentioned above, he is constantly advancing and improving the surgical techniques used by oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeons. In the case of eyelid paralysis, he has unparalleled experience in helping patients with eyelid closure and symmetry correction. Additionally, Dr. Massry pioneered and conducted the study on the success and safety of the MIOS procedure. Read Dr. Massry’s study entitled – “The Minimally Invasive, Orbicularis-Sparing, Lower Eyelid Recession for Mild to Moderate Lower Eyelid Retraction With Reduced Orbicularis Strength.”

Schedule Your Consultation With Dr. Massry Today!

If you are suffering from eyelid closure and aesthetic issues due to eyelid paralysis, schedule your consultation with Dr. Massry today to find out if you are a candidate for the MIOS procedure – 310.657.4302.

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Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day 2017

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Moebius syndrome awareness day - MassryJanuary 24, 2017 marks this year’s Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day, hosted by the fantastic Moebius Syndrome Foundation.

Moebius syndrome is a rare congenital neurological disease that affects the muscles responsible for facial expressions and eye movement, causing facial paralysis. Symptoms of Moebius syndrome can include, but are not limited to:

  • Inability to smile or make complete or partial facial expressions
  • Difficulty swallowing and eating
  • Eye issues, including eye sensitivity, inability to blink, strabismus
  • Absence of ability to move eyes laterally
  • Dental hygiene problems
  • Impaired hearing
  • Tongue deformity
  • Hand and feet deformity

For patients with Moebius syndrome, there have been some great advancements in facial reanimation procedures in recent years. Dr. Guy Massry is able to help Moebius syndrome patients with bilateral eyelid paralysis reconstruction. Patients are unique and Dr. Massry will develop a customized surgical plan to give them the best results possible. Most commonly, Dr. Massry will perform eyelid paralysis surgery to create an epicanthal fold and/or place gold weights so that the cornea is protected.

For facial reanimation procedures for Moebius syndrome patients, Dr. Massry teams up with Dr. Babak Azizzadeh of the Facial Paralysis Institute. Dr. Azizzadeh offers some of the most cutting-edge facial reanimation surgery options to help patients smile and make facial expressions. To learn more about Moebius syndrome surgical treatments, please visit the Facial Paralysis Institute.

If you would like to learn more about eyelid paralysis surgery with Dr. Massry, please call us at 310-657-4302.

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